CSS Tinderbox Fixed Box

CSS Tinderbox Fluid Box

CSS Tinderbox Fixed 1 Column

CSS Tinderbox Fluid 1 Column

CSS Tinderbox Fixed 1 Column With Sidebar

CSS Tinderbox Fluid 2 Column

CSS Tinderbox Fixed 3 Column

CSS Tinderbox Fluid 3 Column

CSS Tinderbox Fixed 3 Over 4

CSS Tinderbox Fixed 4 Column

Blueprint CSS Grid Based

960 Grid Based


  1. Choose a template or framework by clicking on it
  2. Set the weblog name and template group name
  3. Click get and a download link will appear
  4. Download and unzip into your site_themes directory and install EE


I threw this together because I found that I was wanting to get an expression engine site up and running with some boilerplate css I could use to flesh out the design quickly. I prefer the grid based layouts, but for some simple layouts the css tinderbox works great. If you'd like to see a particular framework or template added, just let me know and I'll put it up here.

-Nick Johnson- Lim Collective - njohnson@limcollective.com

Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/limcollective or if you want to help out.